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About Eurobead Team

EuroBead is headed up by Denis O'Connell. In 1996 Denis established O'Connell Dry-Lining and after spotting the trend towards sustainable living, formed EuroBead. Denis gives full credit to the EuroBead team for making it the success it is today.

"The team at EuroBead have really put their own stamp on the company, I meet with them a few times a week, but in the main, it is their dedication and perseverance that has put EuroBead at the top. They are an honest and hard working group of people and always treat our clients in a manner which they would like to be treated themselves."

It is our people who make us who we are. EuroBead is dedicated to providing a top quality product and service and we are committed to educating the consumer on how to cut their home heating costs and emissions. The environment is of paramount importance to the team at EuroBead and we have a number of products in the pipeline to facilitate sustainable living.

We have now teamed up with Duncan Stewart to bring you our weekly blog on good environmental and energy practice in the home. This blog offers free advice that is easy to implement and does not cost a fortune. Log onto and have a look around. Read the articles and leave your comments. This resource is for you so that you can get involved in turning the tables on global warming. It is the responsibility of all of us to make a change.


News from EuroBead

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Attic Insulation Installer Required

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