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Check out our Blog Lets Go where we bring you the advice you need to implement real change for Sustainable Living in Ireland.

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Were Hiring - Attic Insulation Installer
Monday, September 24, 2012

Attic Insulation Installer Required

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Welcome to the EuroBead Website.

By visiting our site, you are taking your first step towards a sustainable home and a cleaner environment. EuroBead is a high quality bead insulation system for cavity walls and can be used on any home with a cavity wall construction. Don't have a cavity wall? Click here.

By insulating your home with EuroBead you can reduce your home heating bills by up to 40%, eliminate condensation, increase heat retention, improve your homes building energy rating and reduce your carbon footprint. Eurobead can be used on all new and existing residential dwellings and commercial buildings.

A better environment starts with you and your home
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The Science

The Science
Find all this confusing? Read a few short explanations on some of the terms we use on this site and an explanation of our product and services.
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Qualified Installers

Qualified Installers
All of our installers are fully certified by IAB (Irish Agreement Board). Installation takes less than a day and there is no mess left behind.
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