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The Science of Insulation

Find all this confusing?

Here are a few short explanations on some of the terms we use on this site and an explanation of our product and services.

Eurobead is an expanded polystyrene material which is injected in bead form with a binding agent into cavity walls. It is used to reduce the thermal transmittance (heat loss) of completed, new or existing cavity walls with masonry inner and outer leaves. It also facilitates the control of surface interstitial (forming in one or more gaps or cracks) condensation in walls.

EuroBead is certified by the Irish Agrement Board and is compliant with the requirements of the Building Regulations Acts 1997 to present.

Building Energy Ratings
A Building Energy Rating, BER, is very similar to the energy label found on household electrical appliances like your fridge. The label has a scale of A to G with G being the least efficient homes and A the most efficient.

Since January 2009, all homes for sale or rent must have a BER Certificate. If you are currently buying or renting you have the right to a BER so be sure to ask your seller or landlord to supply it. All new build homes must have a BER cert before they can be occupied. Homowners that applied for the HES grant from SEAI on or after the 8th June 2010, must complete a post-works BER assessment. €80 grant aid is available toward the BER Assessment.

EuroBead staff are approved and registered BER assessors.

To book your BER Assessment or for more information visit

Heat Loss
Heat loss is the heat that flows from the building interior, through the building envelope, to the outside environment. In a typical home about 40% of the heat you generate through your heating system is lost through the walls, ceiling and the roof. EuroBead cuts this figure dramatically.

Carbon Footprint
Your Carbon Footprint is the measure of the impact of your activities on the environment. It relates to the amount of greenhouse gases produced in our day to day lives through the burning of fossil fuels for electricity, heating and transportation.

Your primary footprint is a measure of direct emissions of CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels including home energy consumption and transportation. You have direct control of your primary footprint. EuroBead has significant positive impact on your primary footprint.
Your secondary footprint is a measure of indirect CO2 emissions from the products you use, including their manufacture and eventual breakdown.


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